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When a couple is having sex doggy style and the guy pulls out and acts like he "accidentally" puts it in her ass.
-girl- "He tried to one up me last night, but I'm not down with anal sex"


-guy- "We were a little drunk so i figured i'd go for the one up... but she wasn't a fan."
by Nicky NOTORIOUS March 22, 2004
40 60
To outdo a deed of another.
I can one up that.
by Tailor August 29, 2003
389 70
An extra man, Extar life, something Mario needs alot of.
Dude, if you jump over that piranah plant, over the lava, onto the turtle, bounce off that, land on that tunnel and press 'down' you go in a secret level, there's a one up.
by Treg September 22, 2003
104 51
being better that something or beating something real bad
i think john gonna one up tonny in that fight..or
that backflip off the dumpster is gonna one up jumping off that building in that comp.
by Donovan Debrown August 04, 2007
52 22
Inferior to - To do better than - to win - to be "served"
It seemed the other team was always One-Up on us.

Despite her efforts, Sally felt Jane was always One-Up on her in responses.
by ra78 September 30, 2009
20 5
Someone who always trys to "one-up" you by being better at EVERYTHING. Created by TK & MW (God)
Guy: I just shot down the enemy chopper!

One-up: Yeah, I did that with my tomahawk like five times.

Guy: I just got my first nuke!

One-up: Yeah, after my first nuke, I got one every round after that for three days straight
by Yodaguy January 14, 2011
13 3
A derivitive of the term "big ups"
(noun) origin - Jamaican 1980s. singular and plural.
1. An expression of support or encouragement.
2. An expression of remembrance.
"Donald gave Mike one ups on a good play"
by Bilbo Bigguns March 17, 2010
5 0
A marijuana smoking game in which you pass the spliff around a group and each person takes one more toke than the last. This goes on till there are not enough tokes left in the spliff for the next set of tokes.
Jeff - Lets play one up! I'll start: *holds up hand with 1 finger raised and takes a toke*

Jim - *takes two tokes and holds up 2 fingers*

Emma - *takes three tokes and holds up three fingers*

Jeff - *takes four tokes and holds up four fingers*

Jim - *takes five tokes and holds up five fingers*

Emma - *takes six tokes and runs out of fingers*

and so on...
11 13