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When a girl is screwing a guy from on top, she suddenly reverses direction smoothly without the penis coming out of her vagina. From this position she can run the show as her butt is now facing the guy and she can slam away nutting as she pleases.
Man, I was stickin Yung Foo last night and she pulled a one eighty on me. She's awsome!
by Rick Warner May 18, 2007
When a girl does a complete one hundred degree turn as she is screwing her man from on top of him. To accomplish she must be flexible enough to do her feat without the penis coming out of the vagina. Hence, she must be juicy within to be able to then screw her guy while facing the same direction. This has 2 advantages- the woman can control the rhythm and she can also play with her clit simultaneously so as to have multiple orgasms. From the man's standpoint, it is great as he can relax his body with the exception of his erect dick as the woman abuses him.
Man, I was banging that little skinny chick last night and she pulled a one eighty on me! She may look average but when she's in the sack she is a monster!
by rick warner May 18, 2007
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