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In the same tradition of 'deuce,' a once is going number one in the bathroom. A once is a noun, like a piss.
Hey I'll be right back, I got to go drip a once.
by RGW May 27, 2008
Another term used in the place of awesome. It can also be used when one agrees with something someone else has said, or agreeing to something. In agreement the word is said as unenthusiastically as possible, yet a nod is crucial. Is pronounced something like: waance
Girl 1: I got the new Coheed cd
Girl 2: Once!

Bob 1: Hey you coming with tonight?
Bob 2: Once. Like I would miss it

Guy 1: That movie was so gay.
Guy 2: Once.
by Nymphololly November 05, 2006
The worst insult you can call someone. It is typically used when you are really really pissed off at someone.
Wow coach why are you such a fucking once all the time?
by Skipah123 April 01, 2009
The new album from Finnish metal band Nightwish. Much more experimental than previous albums, but still unmistakably Nightwish.
My god, Once is so damn good.
by Nudger June 08, 2004
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