originated Hebrew this phrase is one of the most popular phrases in Israel. It's equivalent to "sucks"
-"so how was that party last night"
-"oh man, that party was on the face. im never going there again"
by tut March 20, 2005
Top Definition
An Israeli proverb, equivalent to the english urban word "sucks".
he: How was the show?
she: On the face, really hated it
by Yoav moran March 10, 2005
This expression is populer especially in cinematoraphics class of Eylon from The rock city (HOLON.
It used usually when you want to show how awful something.
Ordinary Kid: "Man, that Roni Superstar Sucks!!!!"

Cinema' Kid: "Yeah dude, she's ON THE FACE!"
by Mrs.Filth April 20, 2005
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