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unsure about the decision at hand
I'm on the fence about Gigli. It really sucked, but I love Ben Affleck
by jesus September 01, 2003
77 11
undecided between two options
He was on the fence about dating Rhonda or LuAnn
by Robbo August 27, 2003
47 17
Could go one way or another about a decision; Undecided between two choices.
Arnold Schwarzenegger was on the fence about joining the California gubernatorial race, until Dianne Feinstein dropped out.
by antdog August 27, 2003
34 10
being unable to decide
victoria is on the fence over elliott and tommy.
by victoria loves me December 25, 2009
8 7
Someone who is unsure of their sexuality. Not sure if they are gay or straight--perhaps bisexual.
Billie Joe was on the fence on who she really liked--Sarah or John.
by RanDum November 04, 2003
15 27
trailer park clothes line
Cissy, Go get my clean draws hangin on that there fence
by fo my pizz da playa September 11, 2003
5 25