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An Israeli proverb, equivalent to the english urban word "sucks".
he: How was the show?
she: On the face, really hated it
by Yoav moran March 10, 2005
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originated Hebrew this phrase is one of the most popular phrases in Israel. It's equivalent to "sucks"
-"so how was that party last night"
-"oh man, that party was on the face. im never going there again"
by tut March 20, 2005
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This expression is populer especially in cinematoraphics class of Eylon from The rock city (HOLON.
It used usually when you want to show how awful something.
Ordinary Kid: "Man, that Roni Superstar Sucks!!!!"

Cinema' Kid: "Yeah dude, she's ON THE FACE!"
by Mrs.Filth April 20, 2005
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