3 definitions by vh_bkbombshell

different way to say "man" , orginating the spanish accent of saying man
c'mon mayn let's go
by vh_bkbombshell April 27, 2005
1)to be under really strict, severe obligations or rules
2)to have somebody under control
1) \"Yo,i can\'t go outside man, my parents got me on lock, unda sum really strict shit yo.\"

2)Girlfriend:\"Come here, now!\"
Boyfriend: \"Im coming, sorry i can\'t go right now\"
Boyfriend\'s friend:Damn dawg she got u on lock
by vh_bkbombshell April 26, 2005
to have sexual intercourse;fuck
I always love to tagg
by vh_bkbombshell February 13, 2005

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