Other Men's Sperm - children a woman has from a previous relationship that aren't yours.
I don't mind having sex with her once in a while, but that's as far as it'll ever go. She's got three kids and I can't be bothered with OMS.
by November 22, 2010
(old man sexy) a man over the age of 40 who is extremely attractive
The guy from Law & Order SVU is wicked OMS.
by mamasitaaaa69 November 03, 2010
Oh my strawberries usually, used from valley girls who have to much time on their hands or preppies
O.M.S. did you just see the New Moon trailor.
by sunshine89 June 06, 2009
Old Man Smell. An odor common to old people.
Interiors of used Buicks are known to have OMS.
by mrkleen December 29, 2007
Short for 'Oh my Stump', referring to Patrick Stump, the lead singer in Fall out Boy.
Person 1: "OMS, I can't think of an example! But did you know I love Patrick Stump?!"

Person 2: "I figured that when you started saying 'Oh my Stump'"
by EmmiezLovesFOB June 29, 2009
Oh My Scott.

An alternative to "Oh My God" or "OMG" for people who place their highest authority with Scott, not God.

Popular with atheists who have good taste in music.

Reference to Scott Weiland, lead singer of the bands Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver.
OMS, there are STP tickets on sale!!
by Sydney47 August 01, 2008
interjection. stands for "oh my satan!"
OMS! Look at that kid!
by Your Sins Into Me August 12, 2003
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