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A version of 'omg'. Omgodzilla is only used by extremely '1337' computer perosnal only. Developed in 2005.

Noun: The state of being really big, or giant sized.
Expression: To express 'omg' through a more expressive way. Used for special situations.
Noun: That slurpy was OMGODZILLA huge!! I had to hold it with both hands to prevent SPILLAGE!
Expression: OMGODZILLA!!11!1 That was the leetest shit I have ever sawed!
by Rob Kangarooster January 06, 2005
Basically another way of expressing surprise. Usually only associated with humorous situations due to the comedic value of the phrase and its association with such a shocking movie. For example, do not use as a substitute for " Oh My God" when someone tells your their boyfriend died.
omgodzilla! that is the funniest thing i've ever seen.
by laurie-jack-dunc-emma-ellie-josie January 25, 2007
Developed in 2005 by one of the L0ser clique to exaggerate surprise/annoyance/any emotion in general.
A more interesting form of the popular OMG.
Not used by the "1337" regularly.
emo boy 1: "OMGODZIlLA I <3 your myspace so much!"
emo boy 2: "OMGODZILLA it is soo rad!"

forum member: "OMGODZILLA band photos in here"

kid 1: "OMGODZILLA I cannot believe you got an D on your test..."
kid 2: "I know :(. My parents are going to be all 'OMGODZILLA, (kid 2), I'm so angry you didn't study'"
kid 2: "OMGODZILLA I can't believe they'd do that to you!"

scene boy: "I <3 you"
scene girl: "OMGODZILLA, I <3 you too!"
by jooolzzz December 10, 2005
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