A word that you would use to respond to one's lame joke.
Omey, that was such a stupid comment.
by the founder of OMEY July 07, 2003
Top Definition
1. Term (n) used when defining a beautiful indvidual (usually male) that is virtually untouchable, usually due to an unmentionable female (about a 6).

2. Synomous with "Omega" meaning -- the end, or the last you will ever want or need.
Ilia: Omey dates becky!
Evie: WTF!
by sugabrwn April 05, 2006
A word you say when someone says something that's supposed to be funny, but it really isn't.
Kaileigh: Wanna hear a dirty joke? A pig fell in the mud!!
Kim: Omey...that is pathetic Kales!
by K Dawg July 07, 2003
Pig latin for my favorite Stooge.
Others are Urlicay.
omey ithay ulicay in the acefay.
by Krazymike September 09, 2004
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