A bad bro. A turd. A total douchebag. Someone who sells phoney supplements. A pet dullard
Omega = :turd:
OMEGA is worthless
by diggers boytoy October 13, 2006
The be all, end all. An adjective to describe ANYTHING that no other adjective will work for.
This perfume is Omega cool.
That loser is omega annoying.
by Christal Hawkins May 18, 2006
sign of the apocalypse, the desruction of the universe and all life in it.
omega is the symbol of all of you idiots' demise.
by Rob October 28, 2003
1)The ultimate ender of all arguments and disputes

2)The ultimate add on too any diss (even better than using infinity)
Connor: Gosh, Robin why are you so dumb!?

Robin: You're the dumb one!

Connor: Oh yeah? Well you're OMEGA dumb!

Robin: Oh snap, you just dropped the OMEGA bomb. I must really be dumb.

Connor: True dat

by Connor A November 11, 2006
a nut sack, due to the shape of the lowercase greek letter.
Pull down your pants and show me your omega; if you don't you have nomega.
by Omega Prime April 14, 2008
the end of all you poor beings. Omega = END Death to all.
by blardes June 16, 2003
A combination of a Melvin and a Wedgie; front and back wedgie at the same time
Josh has an omega! Awesome!
by Stuz April 03, 2007

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