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cocaine or more-often crack. this term is used when two crack-heads are one the phone or in the presence of some authority figure,ie. perents ,teachers the pay phone at the police station etc etc ......and want their intentions kept a secret. particular to the SFV late 80's early 90s when white folk were still on the crack- then came nueskool
crackie 1- " dude ,wass up tonite.wanna roll some pinnersor go bolin" crackie 2- " fuk no, lets call the mule team ,score a ball of olskool, pick us some strawberries ! !" crackie 1 -" fer-sure, I'm there bro, hell I even got 40 bones to my side"
by J.ALEXANDER June 29, 2007
Grey-haired man, whom may or may not be federated, and is knowing of much too much. He holds wisdom in ways that manipulates others to call him only by "ol' skool". For the people unlike him know no other name to this enigma of a man, and they wouldn't dare ask, because prying could be the end of their very lives. This man is powerful, undoubtingly so.
Ol' Skool was what they called the man, whom shant be named any other.
by fishyfeds January 20, 2012
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