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synonym for 'crack head'...kind of like calling someone a 'junkie'
beat it crackie, i don't have any change to give you
by J.R. September 06, 2004
Crackie noun \ˈkrakee\

1. A Crackhead; but one that is So far from reality that it's FUNNY.

2. A weirdo that is addicted to Crack or Crystal Meth.

3. A person that does Weid Crack-head-like things and/or ACTS like a "chickenhead" or Crackhead.
"Hey, Crackie, can I get directions to the Crack house, please?"


"Man! I didn't know there were so many Crackies in this neighborhood! "
by JoeBloh July 24, 2014
The black person being hid by the cracker.
" fuck you cracker." " No fuck you crackie."
by TomPop October 21, 2013

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