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A colossal hiphop monopoly located in The Great Pacific Northwest. Roll Call: Rochester A.P., Onry, Barfly, JFK, Mr. Hill, Hyena, El Topo, Bishop I, Gash, Azrael, L- Swear, DJ Scene, Akil, Sleep, Syndel, Pale, Smoke, Zebulon Dak, Anax, Pegee13, Snafu, Mako, Destro & Karim, DJ Tremor, Punchy, Ben 'Bout It, Toni Hill, Wrhaggz, Myth, Scooter & Scooter's phone and of course Thing.
guy 1: hey man, what you listening to?
guy 2: Oldominion! duh stupid! havent you heard?!? they the ish!
guy 1: oh, sorry...
by Armando June 19, 2005
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