when you take yourself for a walk to (vomit) in private.
I thought i was going to (die) , so i took myself for an old yeller.
by wynner November 24, 2009
Top Definition
verb: To put something out of it's misery. As in the ending of the Disney film Old Yeller, where the young boy puts a bullet between the eyes of his beloved pooch who's gone rabid or old or something.
This girl I hooked up with the other night thinks we're in love or something, I'm gonna hafta old yeller her.
by shaunsdu September 08, 2008
verb: a sex act where one person grabs a males testicles stretching them through his legs until he can reach the anus, whereupon he fingers the male.
I gave Todd an Old Yeller, last night, and he howled like a dog.
by trudy hankshaw August 28, 2012
When you are doing it with your lady, you cum/wait until her mouth is full of drool and/or load so she's foaming at the mouth, like Old Yeller. Then, once she is foaming at the mouth, you take her and shoot her with your load and she wimpers, thus putting her out of her misery. Shooting noises are optional, but really add the effect.
Guy: (to girl) why is your face so red?

Girl: I got Old Yeller-ed.
Guy: Sucks to suck.
by Warhawk_Wordsmith September 07, 2012
The act of completely filling someone's mouth with jizz until overflowing, leaving the recepient drooling and foaming at the mouth, just like Old Yeller
This girl was such a dirty slut, I gave her the old yeller and she just smiled through it all.
by MF Tim May 18, 2008
A ruthless beer bong that will take down anyone who stands in it's way. Only conquered by The Council. Old Yeller has made many puke and many forget.
by Hb is my hood September 12, 2009
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