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1. Old School (sp. Ol Skool) is a term that originated sometime in the very early 1990's with the introduction of Hip-Hop (which was the dance anyone could do, originaly consisting of foot-work and had its roots in jazz-funk). Old School refers back to 1984 when break-dancing was at its prime,because so many moves had to be studied and practiced just as one would learn in school.

To "take some-one to school", meant to either teach and instruct them or show by greater example how a move should be properly executed.

Given the new popularity of Hip-Hop in the early 1990's, many of the younger generations only learned how to perform the Hip-Hop moves (those who only knew Hip-Hop were refered to as the New-School).

Note: Anything that took place within the 1990's is refered to as, "back in the day".

2. Old School, Originaly the term was first used to differentiate between Break-Dancing and Hip-Hop.

3. An era that is marked by the very first computer generation; those who had the first personal computers (which soley ran off basic language and consisted of no hard drive) like the CoCo, Commodore, Apple, Pong, etc. This era occured after the baby-boomers of 1945-1965.

Why can I not find some Old School B-Boy movies like,"Beat Street" or "Breakin'" ?

If you want to learn about true break-dancing, you should find some-one who dances Old School.
by Darryl Learie aka nine9nine9nine9 September 10, 2006
Anything that is from an earlier era and looked upon with high regard or respect. Can be used to refer to music, clothing, language, or anything really.
Client: We have three PC's running MS-Dos 6.
Consultant: Shi'...that's old school.
by cazort March 31, 2004
Anything that refers to a previous generation of a subject/idea/object/etc. Typically, they are highly regarded and sometimes the very thing that started it all.
Guy: Damn, Super Mario Bros. The gameplay is old school.

Kid: These graphics suck. Where is the life meter?

Guy: What you say boy? *five across the eye*
by Chi Nou June 07, 2005
from back in the day
Alphonse was feelin the old school hiphop flavas
by Ed April 28, 2003
A positive appellation referring to when things weren't flashy but empty of substance, were done by hard work, didn't pander to the lowest common denominator, and required real skill. Labour-saving devices, shortcuts that reduce quality and quitting before the task is done are not characteristics of "old school."

In reference to computer games, refers to a game that had substantial playability without flashy graphics or eye candy. Old school gamers appreciate difficult maneuvers, careful planning, and scorched earth policies.

In reference to role-playing games, old school refers to games that tested players' wits, could kill off careless characters, and required dedication and inner strength to play. Old school games didn't pander to the ideas that everyone is created equal, that all options are open to all races, that the markets were somehow free, and that a quasi-medieval society could have near 100% literacy.

See also classic.
"What's your favorite computer game?"
"Old School, man!"

HackMaster: old school gaming. Who's watching your back?
by LWM May 30, 2008
1. Music from back in the day, the last decate and before.
2. A. Some thing that past is time or it's fashion, or
B. a bring back memory of of a thing in the respectable way.
1. Rappers Delight is Ol' School.
2. A. Phist is Ol' School.
B. NWA is the ol' school that still hot today.
by oz April 11, 2004
1) Retro
2) As Before (as something was done, said, etc.)
1) Those shoes are so old school!
2) We're just kickin' it ol' school!
by Spoot Juice May 23, 2004
Someone oldschool is someone acting cool and casual, bombing newbies on it's way, and always doing what he can to get a good time with his real buddies.
Seb dude! You're one oldschool mother fucka!
by Mathieu Grenier October 03, 2004