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That which is the result of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.......
Oinky, the tri palegic, garners no empathy, though it's mother is empathized for exponentially.......
by V. Cool Dude August 01, 2003
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oinkies: a slang word used for the police
Jeff: man the oinkies crashed the party i was at this weekend
by AJ Juarez February 25, 2007
someone who uses angles and lighting to not appear as fat/out of shape/ and ugly on the internet, in order to pick up guys off
hayley is such a supreme oinky its UNBELIEVABLE!
by you fat fuck August 05, 2003
A pathetic, jealous, friendless troll with no life but to attempt to torment intelligent, fun loving posters
Name____________________ Main Category_ Sub Category
catherin_at_your_service____ Anti-Female___ Catherine
catherines_felatio_service____ Anti-Female___ Catherine
crackho_catherine__________ Anti-Female___ Catherine
hairless_chihuahua_cat_____ Anti-Female___ Catherine
heavily_infested_goddess____ Anti-Female___ Catherine
i_bow_down_to_sammmyman Anti-Female___ Catherine
jooarselickerwannabe_cat____ Anti-Female___ Catherine
joourinalmint_cat___________ Anti-Female___ Catherine
kelev_catherine____________ Anti-Female___ Catherine
rehab_cathy_______________ Anti-Female___ Catherine
stooal_catherine___________ Anti-Female___ Catherine
dina_lee_nyc______________ Anti-Female___ Dleeny
karalie2___________________ Anti-Female___ Kanalie
ruthy_les__________________ Anti-Female___ happy_ruthy
sad_ruthy_________________ Anti-Female___ happy_ruthy
tejano_chorizo_____________ Anti-General___ Chimpo
elrich66___________________ Anti-General___ Elric
mephshato________________ Anti-General___ Mephisto
mephsito_4535_____________ Anti-General___ Mephisto
by ccccccccccccccccc July 31, 2003

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