Oh, I see.

Used for when you have just understood and comprehended something. Can only be written or typed.
Dave: "Sorry man, I just ran over your dog"

Claude: "O I C"
by CharlieA July 18, 2006
Top Definition
short for "oh I see"
by Anonymous December 04, 2002
the ending phrase of a conversation between two people that is either sarcastic or humorus and includes almost every "o rly owl" phrase there is
Betty: i just won a million dollars
Jane: O RLY?
Betty: YA RLY
Jane: SRSLY?
Jane: NO WAI!!
Betty: WAI!!
Jane: OIC
by Mannnyo October 17, 2006
Just a shortened version of "oh I see" used in online chat.
also see ic
Me: Is Kim the person you met on MySpace?
John: No that was Greg.
Me: oic
by Dave Cota June 06, 2005
Now usually represented as oik meaning an unpleasant, ignorant person. Army slang; originally used as an acronym Obnoxious Ignorant Cunt. When referring to ruperts (junior officers) it became Obnoxious Idiotic Cunt.
Have you heard our rupert's latest? He wants us to blanco our webbing using our tooth brushes!
by croatalin October 22, 2013
oh i see

used to express that you comprehend something
alan:i just ate your cat

by comprehend December 20, 2009
oic means "Officer In Charge" it's not new, it's old and traditional. Generally associated with military and law enforcement training facilities.
"I got my tactical training back in 2006 at the DrOpZOne."
"Ho, okay, I went there too but in 2005, was Bernard still the OIC then?"
by oic@DefensiveInitiatives.com March 07, 2015
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