Cockney English greeting that evolved into a label for a genre of music that evolved parallel to but largely separate from punk rock - absent the ridiculous politics and playing dress-up. Originally performed by bands like the Last Resort, now employed by bands as diverse as Retaliator and Stormwatch, to name a few.
Rancid is not oi. Rancid is gay.
by BeerStomper July 25, 2004
An exclamation used when recieveing using unpleasant news.
After learning that you gave that ugly girl your number at the bar last night: "Oi" (said while shaking head).
by canobeano September 14, 2004
japanese male term for hello
'oi! kimi!'
by Xavious? February 27, 2004
Usually used as a punk expression, first used in england by Cockney, means, yes, or yeh!
OI! to the punks, and OI! to the skins, but OI! to the world and everybody wins -The Vandals
by Meghan November 22, 2003
Yogis greeting Can also be used to ask a question
"Yogi" OI "john" wats good "yogi" Mossin
John Takes yogis last bear "yogi" Oi ?
by Yogi tha Bear May 13, 2008
Oi, or Oy is cockney now mebbe, but its Yiddish roots go way back. In Yiddish it's a general expression of existential angst. Its roots are pure Hebrew, where "Oy" means "woe".
"Oy, so you think you have troubles?"
by Sharon Ann July 24, 2005
A derogatory term used in the British Isles to get the attention of a lower class person
Oi! You bloody wanker
by Johhnn September 03, 2007

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