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oi! is the cockney for "hey" that later, in the middle 80's, became the name of the music performed by street punk bands like COCKNEY REJECTS, in fact the name of the movement and music came from their song oi!oi!oi!
cos we're running on the backstreets
with our martins on our feet
by juncopartner December 11, 2003
127 41
A form of working class or street punk rock music that originated in the East End of London and was initially associated with British football hooligans.
After school, Geoff and the gang liked to unwind by listening to Oi! music by The Business and The Gonads.
by Sandra Lane September 23, 2003
91 21
1.A style of punk rock used by crust and street punks and skinheads. it is loud, fast, abnoxious(to non-listeners), and offensive.
2. the british way of saying hey
3. a way of communication for street punks and skinheads.
1. there is an awsome OI! band playin' tonite.

2. oi mate!

3. OI!OI!OI!
by johnny noxious June 04, 2005
83 26
A form of music related to the punk and early skinhead movements within london.The term is now coined by mostly suburban wanna be punks and skins, who purchase reissued oi! records at the local mall and on the internet.The average oi! fan circa post 2000 is a mockery of the original movement and without understanding of its origin or true meaning.
That kid had long hair and a nirvana t shirt on yesterday ,now he shaved his head,bought some doc martins and is sc reaming oi!
by sacred357 December 08, 2003
100 57
Oi! is having a laugh and having a say.
Oi! is bigger than any uniform.
Oi! is sharp in brain and dress.
Oi! is you and me... Winning.
Oi! is thinking for yourself.
Oi! is pride and self-respect.
Oi! is the beat of the street.
Oi! is working class protest.
Oi! is youth eternal.
Oi! is youth enrage.
Oi! is a way of life.
Johnny isn't a Street Punk or a Skinhead, he's an Oi! Punk
by stateofalert February 01, 2005
79 38
To call someone ie; Hey! Yo! No! Stop! Freeze!
Oi!, make me a chicken sandwhich and some waffle fries!
by Jewferson October 04, 2007
48 19
Synonymous to hey; a declaration used to attract attention or, at times, voice displeasure.
Oi! Get over here! (or) Oi! That's MY hat!
by Harry James Potter October 20, 2007
69 42