Shortened form of "Ohayou gozaimasu," the Japanese salutation equivalent to "Good morning." It is a cute way of saying hello.

"Oha" was made popular by a Japanese celebrity, Shingo Katori, on the TV show "Saturday SMAP." He uses it as his catchphrase, and used it in his song "Shingo Mama no Oha Rock."

A hand gesture usually accompanies an "Oha!" greeting. On the first syllable "oh", hold up your hands, palms out, with your index fingers touching your thumbs (like the American "O.K." gesture). On the second syllable "ha," straighten out your index fingers and thumbs, and push your hands forward.
Oha! How are you doing this morning?
by Stephanie M. October 21, 2003
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An acronym for an shitty, overpriced, hockey school located in British Colombia, Canada. It's full of daddy's boy's who pay $35,000 a year to play for a team that went 1-13 last season. They aren't allowed to drive, drink, or be out past 9:30. Their idea of a good time is a great big circle jerk, followed by a marathon of NHL 07 on xbox. Everyone at the school they attend hates them, especially the girls. The only women that bother to talk to them are the cock-hungry puck sluts, who have already been through the Jr.A team, as well as the PenAAA team. Most of them believe they are better than everyone because their dad drives a Benz. Because of their apparel, they are very easy to spot. 99% of them show up to school everyday with a team track suit, accompanied with a standard issue track bag filled to the top. When the lunch bell goes, you can find the majority of them occupying both sides of the hallway, eating lunch and oggeling girls they have no chance with. The reason for this massive gathering is because they have no friends, other than zombies like themselves. However, every year, about 3 of the 80+ total will break out from girlless, friendless, funless lifestyle and make other friends at school. Notable kids that have achieved this are: Josh T, J.R. S, Sean D, Andy V, Brandon S, Kurt B, and, from what this writer has heard, Alex H. Common nicknames given to these fuckheads are: "Academy Fag", "Hockey Fag", "Rich Boy", and "Pussy."
Academy Fag #1: hey man, i just got NHL 08!! let's go have a quick circle jerk and then play for 3 weeks straight.
Academy Fag #2: sounds good. i just texted this girl, maybe we could bring her back to your house and one of us can finally get laid!!
Academy Fag #1: good idea! but if it doesn't work i'll be a virgin forever.

Academy Fag #1: i overheard these two girls talking about a party tonight, we should go.
Academy Fag #2: no man! we have curfew at 9:30, and plus, we'd get shit kicked if we showed up. why don't people like us?!
Academy Fag #1: isn't it obvious, we're o.h.a. fags.
by rrrusty shackleford April 13, 2008

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