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used in sarcastic manner to comment on a personality trait or to insult someone who is bragging about
Bob: i have lots of black friends so i can use the word n*gger
Danny: your oh so open minded

Bob: hitler wrote the second half of the bible
danny: your oh so educated
by meatwaygon December 13, 2010
Interjection which indicates interest and has a nuance of a request for more information. Originated by MCO.

Another usage has a different nuance, that of request for confirmation. This is usually responded to with "yaso".
Captain: Everyone is dead, and I'm losing blood! I don't think we'll be able to stop the atomic bomb from activating!

Civillian: ohso

Jane: I raped your mother with a shotgun and then shot her through the cunt.

Jim: ohso?

Jane: yaso

by MCO September 15, 2007
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