The exact moment of realization that you have done something insanely stupid.
I just left my keys in the car with the engine running! Ohshit ohshit ohshit ohshit ohshit!!!
by likeyehokwhatev October 26, 2005
Top Definition
an exclaimation to be said with a very loud voice when you realize you have forgotten to do something very important such as:

1) Your Venn English Homework
2) You left your keys locked inside your car
3) You just trip and scrape both of your knees.
Friend "hey man can I have some help with that last question on our english homework?"

You "Oh shit! I left mine at home!"
by J.T. the Bible Scholar February 19, 2004
1. An expletive expression used when a negative event occurs.

2. An expression used to indicate the state of being impressed.
1. "Oh shit! I just wrecked my dad's Saab after I piss drunk, driving 85 the wrong way down a 25, one-way street. Oh, I may have killed a hooker and a sick poodle, too.

2. "Oh shit! Did you see that African man jump that fence when the police sirens came this way?
by P. Dub July 27, 2006
A statement used by manufacturers of flight data recorders ("black boxes") to alert pilots that there is 1/2 of a second of recording space remaining.
"Oh shit" was the last transmission heard on the black box.
by zabazuve-ha November 18, 2007
Two well-know last words that are said
in an expression of:

1) Impending trouble- When you got a blunt in your hand,
and the po-po appears around the corner;

2) Chargin- When someone finds out a dirty secret
that involves YOU or you're losing in a game;

and/or 3) Catastrophe- at the last second before a
car crash;

EIther way, you are screwed, dude.
Example #1- Dereck had just rolled a fat ass blunt
on the corner when he saw the 5-O rollin' in like
bad weather. "Oh shit!" he thought as he dropped his
last fattie in to the sewer. The cops looked him over,
but Derek didn't get busted for possession.

Example #2- When Henry's mom found his web-blog,
all he could say was, "Ohhhhhhhhhh shit."

was the last words that Susan said as her car crashed
into the guy's parked Beamer. If the collision doesn't
nearly kill her, the owner of the car-now-turned-hoopty
will, either with a tire iron or a lawsuit.
by CDSmith1967 March 13, 2006
Something bad had just happened
Oh shit! The Wings got swept by the Ducks.
by Sabe April 18, 2003
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