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A situation that takes a very shitty performance to get in to and a star performance to get out of. Usually used as a common curse word.
SHIT STAR !!! We have to get the figgin car outta this ditch before mom gets home.
by B1GR3D1 May 05, 2008
A detour that is not "shorter", but is always more fun and usually involves dirt and catching air in vehicles not intended to catch air; a slightly more xtreme level of off roading
Craig: Dude you missed the turnoff to go home

Garrett: Chill man I'm taking the fun cut


Craig: HOLY SHIT STAR....... we just caught air.

Garrett: told ya it'd be a fun cut.
by B1GR3D1 July 16, 2008
Two guys are in a truck drunk and driving up a long dirt driveway way to fukin fast, and the driver loses control and the truck goes into the ditch and hits a tree.

Driver: oh shit!!!


by B1GR3D1 July 29, 2008
A detour that may not be faster but is always the funner route; usually involving an extreme form of off-roading and catching air in vehicles otherwise not meant to catch air.
Swartz: Dude you just missed the turn to go home

Red: Nah, I'm takin the fun cut

Swartz: Dude this is barely a road

Red: yeah i know


Red watch this.

(air time)

Swartz: OH, Shit star we just caught air

Red: told ya it'd be a fun cut
by B1GR3D1 July 29, 2008
there are only two types of gingers: Losers without balls who give gingers and then some a bad name or; Bad Asses who get respect despite their gingerness and often have a certain degree of rage that lets them kick ass when necessary. The latter is now very rare, but more bad ass.
What kind of ginger are you?
by B1GR3D1 November 10, 2008
When one gangster shoots the middle finger off of another gangster. WTF!
gangsta #1: Yeah, fuck you nigger!

gangsta #2: BANG BANG BANG BANG click click................

gangsta #1: WTF!!!!...... you shot off my finger

gangsta #3: DAMN!!! I didn't know that you could shoot the bird.
by B1GR3D1 June 03, 2008
An electric guitar that is to crappy to shred on and in thus used as a weapon.
I can't carry a gun so I decided to just carry around my battle axe!
by B1GR3D1 May 15, 2008

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