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something one would say to show how much they really don't care
-omg my dog got hit by a car today, my teacher slapped me, and my boyfriend broke up with me!
by veggieness April 05, 2005
What you write in a text when you are actually hurt by what someone says.
Crush: "Lol sorry i was w/ Jenny yesterday."
You: "Oh..."
by blah.isaidit. July 18, 2011
as in you dont care what they have to say your sick of hearing them blabber and just want them to shut the hell up
"dude help me out seriously, stop sittin around"
by Mr. Jangles June 17, 2006
an america online overhead account - generally reserved for advertisers. no rates on chat scrolling.
i baited an oh and will pws it later today.
by phillip nis March 18, 2008
Interjection. Usually exclaimed as one

1. Realizes something they didn't know before.
2. Has newfound pity on another poor sap.
3. Feels frisky.
4. Reaches orgasm.
5. Listens to Nelly's "Hot in Here"
6. Sees something astoundingly disturbing. Usually while cringing back in surprise.
7. Needs to get attention in order to say something.
Oh! I forgot to tell you...

-You know, I'm naked underneath all these clothes.
-Oh! You are, aren't you?
by SylfaenFlow November 17, 2003
means I dont want to talk to you anymore, or to much info.
girl1: so thats how i got him to make out with me on our first date. It was a french kiss, too.
girl2: oh.......
girl1: yah umm bye
by kittykat(^-^) November 17, 2009
a word used by sean so much that it has becom more of an annoyance rather than a recognition or showing of not really care-ness
RawrRawr: im going to go eat a piece of cheese
LaLaLa: oh
by mandiee:P May 26, 2008
A word to cover up the inside feelings. The word you use when your heart shatters into a million pieces.
Me: Hey, mom are we going to get Ice Cream?

Mom: No, we are going to get it tomorrow.

Me: Oh.

Me: Hey Do you want to go out to dinner sometime?

Crush: No thanks.

Me: Oh.
by meVasili July 13, 2014

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