OGM- OGM is like OMG but with a different meaning. It mean Oh Golly Molly without having to say god but still saying a catchy phrase like OMG.
Emili-Ya i broke my wrist snowbarding.
Cristina- OGM ARE YOU OK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?
Emili- No need to freak out it's ok.

Madee- OGM IS SHE OK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Cristina- OGM IT'S EMILIS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by (R!$%!|\|@&3|\/| January 04, 2011
Top Definition
1. A misspelling of heavily overused word 'omg' (Oh My God)
2. Short for 'Official Giraffe Magazine'
1. ogm taek taht bicth!!!1
2. OMG I just got the latest OGM!
by elohop3e August 22, 2006
OGM outgoing message. The message you hear on the answering machine when nobody picks up the phone.
Ideal way to end a relationship.
"The OGM on our machine began with 'we're not here now', but you went and changed we to no one, do you mean us or me?"
by Dutch Moose February 25, 2008
Interchangeable with the more popular OMG and used primarily by the Blond, the ditzy, and older women who are trying to sound cool, young and hip.

Can also mean Oh God, Motherfucker!

Most often followed by an exclamation point as in OGM!

Pronounced O G M
OGM, like I was going to wear my red gel nail polish today too! Imagine what a po faux that would have been if we both wore it to the same party?


OGM, that stupid bitch doesnt realize gel nail polish lasts for weeks! She's a total faux pas!
by jayniney January 30, 2012
Oh Gracious My
OGM did you know they have a captain planet website??? I always wanted to be a planeteer lol
by cheeto_kid December 28, 2009
An acronym, meaning "Oh God Ma". Similar to the popular AIM expression "OMG", or "Oh My God". This acronym can be used in chatting services such as AIM, or Yahoo Messenger. It is used to describe the pure excitement of the event or can just be used to humor yourself and confuse your chatting partner.
by Caryna November 13, 2007
A term commonly used on an online game called "Secrets of Mirage X"... the creator Scorpio once said "ogm" on the forums and now everyone has been saying it since.
It is a misspelling of "omg"; meaning oh my god.
AWP: Ogm no on knows how to spell.
Splasm: I know ogmz...
by Splasm August 07, 2005
An anagram of the acronym 'OMG'.

ogm "Oh God My" generally carries the same meaning as omg "Oh My God".

It is used in online chat and social sites (twitter, tumblr etc.) as a ditzy/ much cooler alternative to 'omg'.
Example: ogm what is that?!!!!11!!1!!!!1
by OGM September 06, 2012

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