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Overly Gay Korean. Commonly used when someone of Korean heritage displays overly flamboyant, homosexual tendencies on a regular basis.
Friend 1: Woah, why is that Korean guy sucking a giant corn dog!?
Friend 2: Him? He's just an OGK.
by John McCoy241 June 13, 2015
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Only God Knows
Use OGK when trying to explain the unexplainable.
Why is this crap happening to me?
by BostonMaUSA February 26, 2008
A group of the steeziest trickshotters known to man.
Led by the one and only JohnyF Running man bill scoper, and the scopey scoper Spaceman
Squeaky trickshotter: Did you see the bill I just hit?
JohnyF: Yeah you're blacklisted from OGK faggot
by Segathegoon February 16, 2014

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