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If someone asked you a question and the answer is yes and you want to assert the fact that they are a bender.
"can i borrow your mum's knicker's tonight?"
"ogay, bob"
by cian February 26, 2003
Irish for gay.
Tom O'Gorman is o'gay.
by pizzy strizzy August 27, 2003
a way to answer some one who is asking a question that is obviously stupid or uncool.
Allen: hey Andrew wanna watch ice dancing?
Andrew: ogay
by ANG-MSU December 11, 2006
A way of saying something is both acceptable and unacceptable at the same time.
Krisp - "Ya know, I like men now"
R-Kwan - "ogay?"
by R-Kwan February 10, 2005
A cross between when you don't want to do something, you say "Oh, gay!" and when you agree to do something "okay" you may or may not deliberately reply with "Ogay"

It means you agree to do something you don't want to do for some undesirable reasons
1. Mother: Can you do the dishes for the next 10 weeks

Child: Ogay

2. Bill: Can you do my homework, it's gonna take 6 hours and I have a date tonight.

Ben: Ogay

3. Jack: Sorry babe, I can't make it to our date tonight

Jill: Ogay
by AppleKnight17 October 23, 2009
When you agree with something that you don't really want to do .
Macartney: My dad thinks I stabbed this girl In the face so I have to get off Facebook .

Jake: Ogay :/ ...
by yakeekidd September 04, 2011
Anything of or relating to Ogame - a game only played by homosexual nerd.
Chris can't get laid so he locks himself in his room 12 hours a day playing that stupid Ogay.
by William James Smith April 19, 2008
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