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meaning: oh fo sho
sup man you comin street racing tonight?
reply: OFS!!11
by tupacolypsenow July 09, 2003
O.wn F.ucking S.chedule
Term for a person who shows up to things whenever they want and anyone who wants to see them must be inconvenienced by them.
Guy 1: I need my uniform, where's the dude who takes care of that?

Guy 2: He's on OFS, you just missed him. Try again tomorrow.
by slayer1911 September 23, 2013
Acronym for the words, "Oh Fucking Shit."
OFS, get off of me!
Eh, ofs ,DICK!
by NightGTS April 05, 2005
acronym for oh fuck sex. when a person is damn excited. hehe.
Guy 1: Hey, i got the rock concert tickets
Guy 2: OFS!!!! this is the best damn thing thats happened in the whole day!!.
by Rash_dreamer August 31, 2007
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