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A person who only focuses on some parts of ther life and has no social life, no friends;a loser, or somewone that has a negative diffrence; an outcast.
"Those student from the math and science academy is an offy"
loser, outcast, alsoran{nerd] geek
by PartyGuy November 28, 2007
20 28
British slang for off-licence, which in the US is called a liquor store
We are out of beer, I'm just popping to the offy to stock up
by apathetic May 28, 2004
101 15
A retail outlet that enables the purchase of alcoholic beverages outside of public houses.
Mick, I'm goin down the offy to buy some booze, you want anythin?
by Joe Morris 123 January 24, 2007
49 16
Renowned purpose-built internal-combustion racing engine nicknamed after one of its three designers, Fred C. Offenhauser.
Harry A. Miller and Leo W. Goossen completed the trio that conceived the engine. Offy-powered race cars dominated Indy, Champ, Sprint and Midget oval-track racing in the United States from 1930 through 1980.
by Kenneth E. Walton September 08, 2006
27 15
aka Old Faithfulls aka 7th grade underwear, kept and worn when running low on clean underwear.
Omg Karen, Baleigh is totally wearing her offies. Someone needs to do laundry!
by KarenJudyAnn April 12, 2010
5 0
Scottish slang for really or hefty.
Guy 1 - You are an offy ching face.

Guy 2 - Mate you are a hefty alky.
by LN_x3 June 13, 2010
4 6
A dude who is a bug a boo and calls you like fifty times a day. He has no life and can only get ugly girls.
Maria: Hey, you dumped Lester. I thought you liked him.

Tanya: Nope. Dude's an offy. He called me like fifty times a day. Such a loser.

by Clevalovah July 30, 2008
4 17