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1.A prison.
2.A box with a desk in it.
3.Not a cubicle and not an office, but a cross between the two. Bigger than a cube, but without a door or floor to ceiling walls.
Robert is having a meeting in his officle. But we have to be quiet because everybody can hear us.
by I Hate Officles February 02, 2005
A mix between a an office and a cubicle. With the growing number of technology companies moving to the "open space" approach to promote higher productivity and more effective communication between employees, offices are being replaced by homogenized cubicle farms. But not all cubicles are created equal. Employees that are higher in the corporate ladder generally receive larger cubicles with higher walls (of course some semblance of a pecking order must be preserved!). This larger cubicle/office is called an officle.
Larger cubicles with higher walls are called an officle.
by Joezen October 30, 2007
Not quite an office but not a cubicle either. Pronounced awfulicle as it has the worst of both environments, most notably the feeling of privacy yet offering none. Generally it is an expanded cubicle with higher walls (not to the ceiling however) and it may or may not have a door.
With his promotion, John moved out of his cubicle and into the officle in the corner. He quickly realized that he was enjoying the privileges of an office.
by pdqcumber August 04, 2009
An officle is a room, set of rooms with a door separated from neighboring workspaces by partitions that are usually 7–10 feet tall, but not connected from floor to ceiling. An officle creates the illusion of privacy allowing noise and air to flow through the space.
An office may be assigned to a specific person and conversation of nearby officles may often overheard: Carol's officle is next to mine.
by Hwiese September 16, 2010
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