Area with minimum 3 walls or partitions
Tim has an office but Tony doesn't.
#office #cubicle #job #desk #space
by Mr office July 24, 2008
a succesful mans fort
i go ta wash and wax in my bosses office
by martay February 20, 2003
The act of watching "The Office", or of anything that relates to it, while simultaneously cracking up/ laughing/ bawling etc...
I officed so hard that my sides hurt.

Lets office to relieve stress
#the office #office #dwight k. schrute #michael scott #nbc's the office
by JacBro March 20, 2007
To occupy or maintain office space.
"If you office near San Antonio, Texas, you can arrange for a free, in-office demonstration ..." -- from the website of, where it was first encountered. Previously used only as a noun, 'office' has now become a verb.
by Robert-Arek Taylor December 10, 2003
awesome(this meanign of the word is often used by "punks" to mess with people)
That care is totally office
by travis fontaine October 23, 2003
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