v. To knock-off someone.

See also whack
Benito stole another of my bitches so I'm gonna off that mothercunter pimp !
by D'emon November 07, 2002
Beyond its used-by-date.
When something has expired.
"This milk is chewy, i think its off"
"That chicks pussy smelled like John West, i think she was off"
by Community Serve Ice October 11, 2005
"O" the closing of a transistor on a computer terminal, the output path the transistor sends.
the ON is the "I" or Input, in which the transistor is opened and continues to send data and electricity.
this applies to any electronic device.
"lets turn off the lightswitch"
"lets turn it on"
"why dont you fuck off?"
by Maxx January 12, 2004
real cool;
off the: chain, hook, wall
damn, his shoes are off.

shew, girl, that's off.

yeea, the new cd isn't too off.
by imoff December 31, 2003
Angry, offended, iratated.
Jimmy got offs when Jeremy cummed in his ass.
by Anonymous November 09, 2003
The"offs": When you're not really hungover, but not quite lucid. Just sort of off-center.
It took me an hour to write this example because I have the offs.
by Grebenshikov May 19, 2007
To bump somebody off.
This badass Canuck sniper Rob Furlong offed a Taliban at 2,430 meters with his .50 caliber McMillan TAC-50 rifle.
by Antichristo January 26, 2009

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