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Acronym - Only Friend Forever.
For those who really don't have the need to select a BFF. Generally considered somewhat derogatory.
Bob: "Wadda ya think Jane's up to tonight?"
Tom: "The usual, hangin' with her OFF Mary."

Mary: "Wadda ya think Bob and Tom are up to tonight?"
Jane: " Hangin' with each other. They're OFFs."
by CatDogDad March 25, 2009
Acc for "Oh For Fuck Sake"
Emily: Hey, I am just going to change. Wait for an hour or two

John: OFFS!!
by Klah October 10, 2009
The general direction in which I wish you could fuck.
Girl: What is off?
Guy: Off is the general direction in which I wish you could fuck.
Girl: Oh, okay . . .

*Twenty minutes later*
Girl: Hey, you son of a bitch!

Trolololol :)
by ChickenNuggggeeettt December 22, 2011
Old fart Friday. When you go to a restaurant or store on Friday and there are mostly old people in the place.
A: ugh there are so many old people here
B: I know it's OFF here.
by JLG97 October 09, 2011
acronym for "on four friendly".. refers to a girl that looks like she's definitely a slut and would look pretty good on all four.
"dude what do you think of john's girlfriend? yeap.. she's DEFINITELY off material!"
by manisero February 02, 2009
to slay, to kill, to murder, to take ones life
Gerald ratted to the cops about a biker cult dealing in methamphetamine. The very next day Gerald got offed by the very same bikers.
by Starpunk November 04, 2006
"O" the closing of a transistor on a computer terminal, the output path the transistor sends.
the ON is the "I" or Input, in which the transistor is opened and continues to send data and electricity.
this applies to any electronic device.
"lets turn off the lightswitch"
"lets turn it on"
"why dont you fuck off?"
by Maxx January 12, 2004