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another use of tha term "for sure" (fasho) used mostly in the south like new orleans
"Off top it's all gravy u in 6 feet but remember i luh ya so rest in peace." -B.G.
by INfaMousgUrL2002 August 01, 2004
Basically it is agreeing with someone or saying ok.
Person 1:"A we finna smoke on something, you tryin to fade?"
Person 2:"Offtop"
by i Go 36 August 09, 2008
for real?
Yeah, I fucked that ho Alishamisa in her iznass!
Off top my nigga?
by jon bon jovster April 29, 2003
awesome, dope, cool, good lookin, fine ect.
"damn CUHz, them bapes is OFF TOPS."

"shit brah, that girl lookin off tops, ya digg?"
by lilj3d August 17, 2006
Off top--ic, or out of the discussion
Hey man hows Greg
-- Off top if he comes around here im gunan beet his a$$ top"
by Grant February 16, 2005
start off a fight
to spontaneously punch a person in the face
getting a off the top of your head
a saying to start a statement
yo he just off topped him

off top i dont know what your talking bout
by wildout January 17, 2006
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