Another word for strange.
Frank: "That looks oddball"
Fred: "What?"
Frank: "I said it looks strange"
Fred: "ah,"
Frank: "Your mind is too simple to understand..."
Fred: "What?"
Frank: "sigh"
by MEGAZOR January 04, 2010
A rare condition that exists in men, in which the testicles of that male are larger than the actual shaft of the penis
Man 1: Dude look at that Oddball.
Man 2: How do you know he's an Oddball?

Man 1: Look at how he walks, it's like he's carryin' footballs in his scrotum.
Man 2: Oh I see.
by Ramalus Riverdance March 21, 2010
weird, strange, or unusual.
dude, that fight between those two nerds was so oddball
by Smurfalicious July 21, 2005
Useless, wortheless member of the Code 3 board.
by C3Honey April 27, 2003
a guy with one nut (see uni-nut).
Joey has been an oddball ever since he lost his other nut in a child molesting accident.
by Nick D April 03, 2003
someone who has pink tips in her hair
someone who thinks there hott as shit but are not
the new girl is such an odd ball
by jm12 November 03, 2006

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