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1. when someone, usually a person, although pop-up ads qualify, forces you to see something that you don't want to see.

2. when you go to look at a website or image and the overwhelming sense of horrible design and/or absolute lack of morals behind its creation, makes you reel in terror that your eyes had to go through that trauma.
1. AHH! the ocular rape is unbearable, please close the window! No more goatse!

2. No more bible code websites. please. the ocular rape generated by that format is making me tear.
by maxzilla March 19, 2005
In addition to the below figurative definitions, "ocular rape" can also be used literally, to refer to the act of skullfucking.
I think what you need is a little ocular rape.
by the letter d October 09, 2007
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