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Being attracted to:
1) men
2) women
3) transsexuals
4) grass
5) fire hydrants
6) dead bodies
7) the US Army
8) certain politicans (including John McCain and Michelle Obama)
Did you see that octosexual last night?
Yeah, she was gettin' it on with that fire hydrant!
by A. Potatoes October 05, 2011
Someone who is sexually attracted to beings possessing precisely 8 legs. It is especially prominent amongst females due to their ability to multitask.

Octopi and arachnids are the two most prominent Octosexual figures worldwide.
Sally is such an Octosexual
by Aljoho2 April 08, 2009
Being in lesbians for Octopimp, a voice actor on the internet. Voicing all the characters of Homestuck, a webcomic which is part of MSPaintadventures; owned by Andrew Hussie.
Girl 1: Hey, what's your sexuality?
Girl 2: Well, i'm octosexual!
by Vagabond/CuttlefishCuller July 12, 2011
Octosexual: Those that are of the octosexual orientation. Octosexuals enjoy Men, Women, Bi men, Bi women, Lesbians, Gay men, Beastality, and many other questionable things. Octosexuality was invented by a young woman on January 9th, 1995. This is still practiced today. The octosexual lifestyle was official founded January 9, 1995, but some readings may suggest it dates back hundreds of years before gaining popularity in 1995.
Boyd: Did you see Jen's cat? She's so octosexual, she actually...did it.

Curtis: I would like to have an orgy with Georgie, Rebecca, an old shoe and my shitzu, Holtz.''

Luke: Is John sexualy confused? I saw him dating a bi man, bi woman, and a gay man. I also saw him...going on a cat.
Steph: Oh no, John's just octosexual.
Luke: Oh! Makes so much sense!
by Phantom of the Octos January 06, 2012
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