Another word for an underwater cat.
As in Aqua cat.
Or an eight legged cat that is like a fish.
Like puss in boots but a mariney one

Wow i went fishing and saw an octopus (octo-pus)
Fuck superman, octo-pus is the shit.
#cat #octopus #october #aqua cat #marine pus
by Ms.Gina August 27, 2007
A group of 8 females.

Unipus - one female
Bipus - two females
Tripus - three females
Quadrapus - four females
Pentapus - five females
Hexapus - six females
Septapus - sevens famales
ME: Dude, check those ladies in the corner.
Guy: Which ones?
ME: The octopus.
Guy. Nice.
#group #fine #ladies #chicas #dames
by C FRESH October 21, 2007
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