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1 definition by Flupcus

Main Entry: oc·to·pus
Pronunciation: \ˈäk-tə-pəs, -ˌpu̇s\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural oc·to·pus·es or oc·to·pi \-ˌpī\
Etymology: New Latin Octopod-, Octopus, from Greek oktōpous
Date: 1758

1 : any of a genus (Octopus) of cephalopod mollusks that have eight muscular pussies equipped with two rows of suckers; broadly : any octopod excepting the paper nautilus
2 : something that resembles an octopus especially in having many centrally directed pussies
My octopus is awesome.

Look at that tree, it's like an octopus.
by Flupcus January 10, 2010