Cool, fantastic, great
My holiday in Italy was so ocean!

Rihanna is totally ocean
#cool #great #magic #fantastic #hot
by Millteach October 21, 2011
A word to describe groups of attractive and possibly scanitly clothed men/women at the University of Pittsburgh. Often used in conjuction with "The Beach" which describes the location of the group of attractive people.
"Lets go to the Beach and check out the ocean"
#the beach #beach #ocean #pitt #university of pittsburgh
by cdsaylor September 10, 2008
slang for the mixture of hairspray/water that is consumed in New Mexico towns sunday's when sale of liquor is prohibited
bro, im gonna stop by the wal-mart and snatch me two bottles of hairspray and make me some ocean
#hair #spray #drunk #alcohol #indian
by whitecloud July 10, 2008
Ocean or Oceans is when a woman with very large breast wears a push-up bra and a very revealing top that causes waves in the huge amounts of cleavage.

This usually can be seen while a woman is walking or climbing up stairs.
Man, that chick had oceans for days!

Hey! Check out the ocean coming our way! Tidle wave!
#deep sea #high seas #oceanic #superabundance #deep #mass
by RollaCoasta January 28, 2010
A european games company that existed between 1986 - 1997(when they were bought out by Infogrames).

Produced many games for the PC and various 16bit consoles including WizKid and Terminator 2 Judgement day.

A vast expanse of water
Ever play that Megadrive game by Ocean?

Behold the size of the Atlantic Ocean
by Demolimisher October 20, 2004
A drink made from hairspray, which is high in alcohol content, but tastes like crap. Common among american and canadian indians
Hey Ernie... Don't bogart that Ocean!
#drunk #native #indians #sterno #lysol
by Brocket Rocket December 24, 2008
semi-polite form of calling someone a vulgar female body part
What the hell is wrong that fat-ass she's such an ocean!
#insult #ocean #vulgar #mean #and female body-part
by Tubaroon/Ocean November 26, 2009
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