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When a female orgasms in your face, with a large splash, symbolizing a spray from the ocean blue.
I was eating out my girl last night, and she packed a massive ocean spray! my Right eye is KILLING me!
by Benny G. March 11, 2008
When a man (or woman) builds up a large amount of gas and releases an extremely large, liquidy fart onto another persons face or genitals.
Carmen is into some pretty weird shit. She made me eat Taco Bell today and when we went back to my place later that night she told me to tell her when I had a fart coming on so I could give her face an Ocean Spray. It got her real horny though.
by Spartyguy November 02, 2013
A woman of the squirting variety who cums while on her period, making an "ocean spray" of cranberry juice.
First, in order to do the "Ocean Spray" you must have a female partner/girlfriend/rape victim who is able to squirt when cumming. Wait until she is on her period to either fuck/finger her until she cums, and watch the crimson tide spray all over the place.
by maip23 November 29, 2008
The urine that comes back at men when they use a urinal. syn. splash back
After using a urinal, "Man, that urinal got ocean spray all over my shirt."
by alex January 18, 2005
When getting a nice ass rimming, wait until a puddle of saliva builds up and blast a nice air biscuit at her. The spit will spray in her face like waves crashing on the shore
by fh July 31, 2003
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