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an evaluation criterion which has no meaningful opposite but is mentioned to denote a failing of those who do not understand it.
Example 1
Job Description:
"... we're looking for an independent team player who works well with others and alone. The candidate must also be a self-starter and require minimal supervision."
Frustrated Job Candidate:
"That's so bloody obvident!"

Example 2:
Female Dating Profile Description:
"I'm looking for a guy who doesn't play head games, knows how to treat a lady, likes long walks and cosy nights in and appreciates the finer things in life. No losers or psychos please"

Winners who think they're winners:
"This is so obvident I think I'll look for someone who actually has meaningful scruples."

Winners who think they're losers:
"This woman sounds too picky and I'm no good anyway so I won't write. And it's obvident I'm no good."

Losers who think they're winners:
"Ah, none of those things apply to me. Obvidently I'm in there!"

Losers who know they're losers:
"I won't write. It's not obvident."

Psychopaths who make animal sacrifices:
"Aww man, I guess that obvidently rules me out! "
by Kevin Garwood July 05, 2006
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