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1. highly objectionable or offensive; odious: obnoxious behavior.
2. annoying or objectionable due to being a showoff or attracting undue attention to oneself: an obnoxious little brat.
3. Archaic. exposed or liable to harm, evil, or anything objectionable.
4. Obsolete. liable to punishment or censure; reprehensible.
I sit next to an obnoxious person that always farts. He's lactose intolerant, that's why.
by Lawrance December 08, 2007
367 166
Annoying; Pesky; Pain in the neck; Bothersome
Anthony is so Obnoxious! He never shuts up, I can't get any work done!
by KittyKatGirl April 16, 2010
33 13
people who are very annoying and u dnt like to b around
Erin is very obnoxious so no one likes her
by wats up?!?!?!?!!! May 15, 2009
49 45
A person who is really loud and annoying
Joe is so obnoxious
by Alwaysrightikr May 28, 2014
2 0
Katherine Patricia. aka Katty.
Remember that Katty chick? What an obnoxious bitch.
by xxooxxoo May 25, 2011
3 8
'Noxious' is latin for meaning harm or in injury.
The 'ob' in front means "getting in the way of"

Therefore one is only obnoxious when they put themselves in harms way.
For example, Billy is obnoxious because he jay walks and almost gets hit by a car.
by Jess75 February 02, 2010
6 12
A person who is American.
I went to Hiroshima and met an obnoxious American complaining about Japanese war crimes while in the peace museum.
by Just someone. February 29, 2004
210 231
Stupid, Loud, Annoying and Mexician
Chalo is Obnoxious
by lilangelgirl November 05, 2008
15 40