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To be obedient or compliant on a continuous, functional basis.

The characteristic of an entity or action perfectly fitting into a greater entity, plan, or purpose for the entire duration of the endeavor.
Contrast Examples: 1A) A football player is obedient to the coach's command to come out of the game to the sidelines for one play; vs - a football player (quarterback) was completely obeyant - adj. to the game plan for the entire game time of 60 minutes.

2A) The boy was obedient to his father's instructions to do his chores - vs: the responsive race car was in complete obeyance - n; to the driver's instincts during the entire race.

3A) The contractor was obedient to the inspector's written instructions to reinforce the roof trusses; vs - the new building was erected in complete obeyance - n; to county building codes.
by strateger April 11, 2011
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