The chillest dudes around mah man.
"Yo wou anna chill with the OBC?"

"Nah man, we ain't cool enough...let's go put a muffler tip on my civic."
by Dick December 18, 2003
Top Definition
often used in theatre circles as an acronym for "Original Broadway Cast"
"I was so glad that for the movie RENT, they used mostly OBC!"
by Broadwaylover June 20, 2006
OBC means official beer count
"I think we're getting low on beer. What's the obc?"

"4 left. We need to go to the store"
by Birdiemack May 30, 2008
Acronym for anonymous hook-up site "Online Booty Call".
"Jesus Christ, we'll never get any work done around here if Jeff just sits on OBC all day"
by Wiznerd1 September 15, 2009
The Ol' Ball Coach, otherwise known as SOS, or Steven Orr Spurrier.
The Ol' Ball Coach flushed the Redskins organization down the toilet, so they brought back Joe Gibbs to fix all of his mistakes.
by mrbigglesworth January 08, 2004
Only Black Chick
"Which one is Maariyah?"

"She's the OBC"
by FSC Soccer March 04, 2010
Original Bastard Child
Person 1: who's that?

Person 2: Him?, that my boy Colie, he the OBC
by bigguppy39 March 01, 2008
Old Blue Crew

A Gang started in Villa Park CA, consisting of many non-threating rich white kids, and one non-threatening poor white kid. All out to have fun.
Oh, that kid is part of the OBC, he is just out here for fun man.
by Tyler May 12, 2004
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