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"Man everybody knows Corinne is the obb of Ottawa"

"You are one of the obbs"

pronounced o.b.b as an acronym.
by LA LOL LA LOL January 19, 2013
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Guy 1: I want to buttsecks you so hard!
Guy 2: Obb.
by Ben -thegod May 15, 2011
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short for Old blue Box

used in the ragnarok online games
Wow guys i found n Obb
by EruuUuU May 01, 2005
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Owned By Birth

Someone who was owned from the day they were born.
Whether it be their appearance or just their life.
Dude!, she is totz OBB'd!
by jaycee54 May 23, 2009
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by Menchael December 11, 2004
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One Bounce Butt or One Bounce Booty.

When a girl has the most perfect bubble butt possible, where whenever she takes a step, her ass bounces once only, up and down. An OBB is the perfection of a perfectly sculpted ass.

Commonly referred to when a girl wheres spandex, leggings or other tight fitting clothes.
Damn! That ass is perfect!

Yea man, that is defiantly an OBB right there.
by K_Kid April 22, 2008
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Obsessing over.
im well obbing over brad pitt.
''Wow look how hot that chick is!''
by BED DOOR July 25, 2008
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