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What the United States has become.
Q: What the hell is happening to our Country?
A:I don't know, but you can't blame the "Obama Nation!"
by Fishfry December 16, 2008
66 48
The new era of life we live in. Can be both good or bad.
Welcome to the Obamanation!
by Obamanaut January 29, 2009
236 220

Used to describe the United States of America and all of its commonwealth territories while under the executive command of its 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama.
1. Prescott became disheartened while watching C-SPAN as he realized that Congress hasn't accomplished anythings since the US became the Obamanation of the earth.

2. It's an Obamanation that the Iraq war continued for four more years after Dick and Bush left office.
by Cyberobotic January 18, 2012
56 41
Antonym to Abomination, When something that was once good and pure has completely become a shell of its former self, and Obamanation is when a glimmer of hope unites people in earnesty in the restoration of said subject to former glory.
When a country is run by a black man named Barack it will be an Obamanation
by Seeker2 September 15, 2008
390 376
Avid supporters of the presidential candidate Barak Obama who are committed to help him reduce America’s dependence on oil, provide universal healthcare to all, and bring prosperity back to the Unites States of America.
The ObamaNation has restored hope, justice, and prosperity after the tyrant G.W. Bush bankrupted America.
by idottano July 10, 2008
302 292
The U.S.A. under Obama changes the negative perception the world has of America to a more positive.
We are now an "Obamanation."(but it's a good thing)
by G.Spot February 13, 2008
319 313
a state of beauty and grace; paradoxically, an antonym of the nearly identical sounding word, abomination
Wilhelm: "Let the obamanation begin!"
Vlad: "What! Your attitude surprises me!"
Wilhelm: "Typically,you misunderstand. What I said was, obamanation, not abomination. Big difference."
Vlad: "I smell neologistic revisionism!"
by Herr Doktor Grauwolf January 21, 2009
336 331