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The curves on a woman such as her breasts and/or ass. This usually refers to her suculant breasts and her apple bottom ass, not her hourglass figure.
The outage refers to the actual ass and breasts because they stick out or protrude.
Did you see the outage on that bitch?
Man I'd love to get my hands on that outage and go hard b-to-a.
That bitch has the biggest outage I've ever seen.
by MC from NC January 17, 2008
9 3
whenever Playstation Network has an "Outage" the community goes mad. Outage is another word for a Crash, Server crash or such.
Oh shit PSN just had another Outage
how long is this Outage gonna last this time?
who coused that Outage? hackers?
by YT/Glasid4131 April 25, 2011
2 0
An oútage represents a disruption in service that's a bit more sophisticated and in a class of its own. Maybe a bit more French. Definitely not a simple, run-of-the-mill outage.
There is an ongoing oútage affecting our office wine supply. We only have threve bottles of wine left. Must fix soonish.
by ruv May 03, 2013
1 0