The best way to say hello.
common idiot > hi steve
smart guy > o/
by lolcat guy April 11, 2008
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high five.

appropriate response is \o
<ray> lol good one bro, hi 5 o/
<bogsnarth> \o
by bogsnarth May 03, 2005
Raise your hand up
<Thomas> Who's up for it?
<Jack> o/
by Numsu August 16, 2008
A waving hand smiley.

Commonly used on habbo as a code to wave your hand in the air..
Bob: Hey man!

Billy Bob: o/

Bob: What the hell?

Billy Bob: "o/" is totally cool yo.
by Your new momma. May 15, 2012
The 1 hand version of "\o/" (a puppet with arms in above the head, shouting 'hurray'), resembles nazi right arm greeting used in ww2.
Frans: "Zieg Heil o/!"

Hans: "Du bist ein zwanz!"

Frans: ">:O"
by razzie0r March 19, 2006

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